Luis Urribarri is a Venezuelan born artist based in New York City.

Urribarri’s works channel both his extensive background in architecture and interior design— complimentary fields where raw structures of mixed materials marry with color, technique and masterful composition to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Each of his works features a unique structural topography - a skeleton he builds with plaster, raw canvas and at times the imprint of his own hands - to which he then applies a lively gesture of palette and brush technique. The resultant body is alive and full with movement, evoking feelings, energy and spatial tension.

Luis Urribarri is currently seeking a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Architecture Design at Parsons School of Design. Urribarri has shown works at The Kips Bay Decorators Show, Saphira and Ventura Gallery, Michael Dawkins Home, NEST Interiors NYC. Also named one of favorite upcoming artists.

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